The School Managing Committee

The School is under the administrative control of the School Managing Committee which in turn, is constituted by the Governing Body of Diocesan School, Diocese of Clacutta (CNI) the present Founder Body of the School.

Members of the Managing Committee

Rt. Rev. Ashoke Biswas President
Rev. Abir Adhikari Vice-President
Rev. Biswajit Biswas Secretary
Dr. John Abraham Member
Dr. Swapan Mukhuty Member
Dr. Dora Arpana Mondal Member
Mr. Modhusudan Das Guardian’s Representative
Mr. A. Alley Guardian’s Representative
Mr. Dibendu Barman Teacher’s Representative
Mr. Arindam Gayen Teacher’s Representative
Vacant Government Nominee
Mr. Bivash Saniel Headmaster & Ex-Officio Jt. Secretary